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    Low Voltage Switchgear Equipment

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    JXF low voltage switchgear

    JXF indoor and outdoor closed distribution box is a distribution box that is assembled into various control functions according to the type, specification and quantity of the components. The size and size of the box are wide, so that the structure can achieve a perfect combination. Suitable for frequency 50HZ, rated voltage 500V and below, the load current is less than 630A of the three-phase three wire three-phase four wire, three-phase five wire system, control, leakage protection and motor overload, short-circuit, phase failure protection and control of distribution system, the case of reasonable design, small size, beautiful appearance, use safe and reliable, widely used in metallurgy, petrochemical, medical and health, residential areas, shopping malls, schools, etc.. JXF low voltage switchgear conforms to IEC439 "low voltage switchgear and control equipment", GB7251 "low voltage switchgear" and other standards.

    ◇main features:

    JXF low voltage switchgear is usually a wall hanging structure. The basic structure is made of steel plate bending and angle steel welding. The door can be equipped with operation buttons, indicator lights and display instruments. According to the type, specification and quantity of the components, all kinds of distribution boxes with various control functions can be designed. The size of the box has a wide selection range, making the structure a perfect combination, convenient combination and strong applicability. Both the door and the shell contain earthing screws to ensure that the shell is connected to the ground reliably. Operation safety, simple maintenance and so on


    ◇technical parameter:

    Serial number 



    numerical value 


    Rated working voltage




    Rated insulation voltage




    Rated frequency




    The main busbar rated current




    The main busbar rated short-time withstand current(1S)




    Rated peak tolerance current




    Rated impact tolerance voltage




    Shell protection grade




    Electrical gap


    ≥ 5.5


    Creeping distance




    Overvoltage category



    Class of pollution



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