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    Low Voltage Switchgear Equipment

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    MNS low voltage extractable switchgear

    MNS low voltage drawer type switchgear is suitable for electric power conversion, distribution and control of power distribution system of 50 ~ 60Hz, rated voltage 690V or less. It is mainly applied to airports, power plants, substations, petrochemical industry, metallurgical steel, transportation and energy, light industry and textile enterprises and residential areas, high-rise buildings and other places. This switchgear meets IEC439, GB7251 national standards and professional standards. The standard module is designed: the standard units, such as protection, operation, conversion, control, regulation, measurement and indication, can be formed respectively.

    ◇main features:

    ●The frame of the switch cabinet is assembled and assembled, and the basic frame is made up of C type steel.

    ●In smaller space, more functional units can be accommodated, and the design is compact.

    ●The switchgear compartment can be divided into functional units, a bus chamber, a cable chamber, the unit's function is relatively independent, and between regions separated from each other by a metal plate or high strength plastic board, the upper and lower drawer with a metal plate with a ventilation hole isolation, ensure safety and prevent the spread of the accident.

    ●Using the standard module to design the structure is versatile and flexible, and the user can make any combination of the structure and the extractive unit according to the needs.

    ●Busbar is protected by high strength flame retardant and high insulation strength plastic function plate. It has the function of anti arc fault, and the horizontal busbar is installed vertically, effectively reducing electrical stress and thermal stress.

    ●MNS drawer has 8E/2, 8E, 16E, 24E house specification (1E=25mm). The drawer has the connection position, the test position, the disconnection position, the moving position and the separation position. Each drawer and switch are equipped with a mechanical interlocking device. When the switch is broken, the drawer can be drawn or inserted. When the switch is in the closing position, the drawer can not be drawn or inserted. In order to prevent unpermissible operation, the operating mechanism can use a padlock to lock the switch in the split position. The drawer of the same function unit can be exchanged conveniently. Each function unit drawer has 16-32 pairs of auxiliary contacts, which can meet the needs of remote operation control, electric metering and automatic monitoring system with computer interface.

    ◇technical parameter:

    Serial number 



    numerical value 


    Rated working voltage




    Rated insulation voltage




    Rated frequency




    The main busbar rated current




    The main busbar rated short-time withstand current(1S)




    Rated peak tolerance current




    Rated current of distribution bus




    Rated short-time tolerance current of distribution bus(1S)




    Peak tolerance current of distribution bus




    Auxiliary circuit insulation voltage




    Rated impact tolerance voltage




    Shell protection grade


     to IP40


    Electrical gap


    ≥ 8


    Creeping distance




    Overvoltage category




    Class of pollution



    ◇Product size:









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