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    The first commercial operation of AC and DC hybrid microgrid in China


    The National 863 project, "the key technology of high density distributed energy access to AC and DC hybrid microgrid", has been put into operation in Shangyu, Zhejiang recently.

    The project is a revolution of power transmission technology, which not only can save energy significantly, but also clear up technical obstacles for the new generation of photovoltaic, wind power and other new energy security and stability access to large power grid. The project has changed the multi-layer change of the traditional DC to AC and DC, so it saves a lot of AC and DC link, and the energy saving and increasing efficiency is obvious. AC / DC hybrid microgrid can give full play to their respective advantages of AC microgrid and DC microgrid, and achieve personalized power supply to meet the diverse needs of power users. The Shangyu demonstration project provides a systematic solution for planning, design, operation control, fault protection, and high quality power supply, which is of great popularization value.

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