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    The great potential of the cylindrical gear reducer manufacturer in the Chinese market


    In 2013, the global cylindrical gear reducer agent revenue nearly 5 billion 400 million euros, an increase of 8.8% compared to 2012, the global total investment of 377 million euros, is mainly invested in machinery, construction, and buildings so that we see great potential products in Chinese cylindrical gear reducer manufacturers on the market.

    The key of the cylindrical gear reducer 2014 order is caterpillar crane largest Asian tonnage is our own design, development and manufacture of the full hydraulic drive system and control, comprises a motor, gearbox and crane electronic components etc.. The growth of supply and demand in China''s industrial applications is a strong driving force for the growth of cylindrical gear reducer business. Now, supply and demand are important in the hydraulic, industrial and hydraulic aspects of the walking machine, as well as plant automation.

    In March 2013, the cylindrical gear reducer responded. The International Forum on the industrialization development of wind power facilities in China was launched. The cylindrical gear reducer wants to deepen this development, especially the motor and electric instruments that operate the blade.

    Cylindrical gear reducer manufacturers some cycloidal gear at each one has his good points, a good planetary gear reducer, cylindrical gear reducer, a good envelope cylindrical gear reducer, you need to see what kind of speed and deceleration force, speed large torque converter organization gear speed required for the rotary motor.

    Cylindrical gear reducer is widely propagating and moving mechanism. With their traces, you can see that in almost any kind of driving system, such as mechanical production equipment, household appliances, watches and other automatic ship transportation, cars, motorcycles, building equipment, machinery processing, machinery industry. The application of high power transmission, small load and precise angle deceleration drive application, you can find that in industrial applications, decelerating gear, slowing down speed and improving torque capacity. Therefore, it is widely used in the change of speed and torque. Besides, the price of cylindrical gear reducer is also need to be considered. You can make more enquiries and know your mind.

    How to choose the ideal gear reducer for cylindrical gear?

    Ideal deceleration ratio calculation formula: speed reduction ratio = servomotor speed / spur gear reducer rotation speed

    In short, cylindrical gear reducer to produce heavy gear in 20 years, given the heavy duty gear box is very key device of turbine blade, cylindrical gear reducer after softening motor through energy, so we share in China''s market of the cylindrical gear reducer manufacturers will further increase.

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