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    Development History

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    Time of establishment: 2005 ad

    Registered capital: $3 million

    Annual turnover: fifty million RMB

    Number of employees: forty people (mainland)

    Main products:(1)3.3~40.5kV Exchange metal armored extractable switchgear;

                (2)MNS(Ue:380、690V,Ie:1600~6300A)Low voltage switchgear;

                (3)MB4000-TA (Ue:240, 380, 690V) welding type low-voltage switchgear;

                (4)MCC-TA (single or double side) low voltage switchgear;

                (5)GCK, GGD low voltage switchgear;

                (6)Reactive power compensation device;

                (7)Power distribution box; power box; wall hanging box; centralized cabinet; metering cabinet; control cabinet.

    Agent products: TECO motors, motor switch; Datong; andakang bridge.

    Sales areas: Mainland China, Taiwan, Southeast Asia and other regions.

    The company is located in Suzhou Industrial Park, with high and low voltage switchgear as the main product, and sells products of Dongyuan, Datong, and an agent. The company has always adhere to integrity of the occupation morals, regardless of project size, all to meet the needs of the users and the factory approach promises timely factory CIGNA principle, provide products, "three good". The pre-sale for the customer good staff, good design; the sale of timely communication, to meet customer requirements, good product quality, good customer service tracking service to humanity throughout each link, so that customers really feel the sincerity. Because of the good quality of the companys products and good service attitude, the company has won a wide range of reputation.

    The company has established a perfect quality management system, which has complete detection methods for high voltage and low voltage complete sets of electrical equipment, ensuring the quality of the factorys products, truly contributing to the society with high-quality products and serving customers with sincere sincerity.

    The company persists in broadening the market by making friends with "first-class products and first-class service".

    Support By:Youba INC.

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