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    Suzhou Taian science and Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in Suzhou Industrial Park in 2005, with a registered capital of 3 million US dollars. It is a professional company engaged in the development, design, development and processing of high and low voltage switchgear, power products and automatic control system. The company has a technical team with rich experience and professional skills to provide a complete set of solutions for distribution system. The design, manufacturing, sales and value-added services of a one-stop high-end integrated distribution system and scheme are provided. The company has nearly 12 years of professional experience.

    Suzhou Tai''''an science and technology limited company has extensive expertise in iron and steel, paper, chemical, semiconductor, auto parts and other industries, to provide comprehensive technical support and solutions for your company, we can provide products including a full set of power distribution system, system integration services and improve pre-sales technical support and customer service technical support and can meet the various needs of customers, in the switchgear in the field has a wealth of experience and actual cases, is the most professional equipment manufacturers in the industry.

    Suzhou Tai''''an science and technology limited company to high-quality products, reasonable price, perfect service, provide advanced and mature switchgear proprietary technology and related products for you, and with their own rich experience in engineering, providing a complete set of switch cabinet complete solution, excellent customer service service and rapid supply of spare parts for you. Be your trustworthy partner!

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