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    Founding time: 1988

    Capital amount: sixty million NTD, mainland China: $five hundred thousand

    Annual turnover: three hundred million ~ six hundred million NTD

    Number of employees: Forty-six (Taiwan), forty (mainland China)

    Main products: 161KV and 69KV ultra high voltage electric post plate, high pressure armor type distribution plate;

                             3.3~36KV high voltage lockup type switchboard and high voltage comprehensive startup disk.

                             600V ACB power center power center;

                             Low voltage power disk and control disk, MCC low voltage motor load center;

                             PLC control plate, low voltage sub box, second line electric post plate.

    Sales areas: Taiwan, mainland China, Vietnam, Philippines, Japan

    Distribution (control) for substation equipment center, a bridge between electrical power equipment and personnel, the important task of monitoring and control of the objective functional, in case of abnormal condition occurs, can quickly and properly protect and control function.

    Therefore, whether the design is right or not, and whether the quality of manufacturing is good or bad, directly affects the operation of the system, the reliability of power quality and the efficiency of maintenance.

    The company for distribution (control) plate design and equipment selection, will be monitored according to the control circuit of the machine, importance and complexity, the substation scale, use or device places, respect customers to use units established circuit operation mode and other conditions, detailed review selected, so as to increase the reliability of electricity, which makes the operation distribution system maintenance is simple and safe, and achieve economic cost considerations.

    In view of this, our company has been constantly researching and developing for the needs of the industry, and has introduced new production technologies, updated production equipment, and provided best quality products, accurate delivery time and perfect timely after-sales service as the business policy.

    In the future, our company will continue to concentrate on three professional beliefs, including quality, delivery and service, to provide more secure and reliable distribution (control) equipment for all industries.

    Support By:Youba INC.

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